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Entry #3

Help wanted...

2011-05-10 14:52:57 by Goddess-ofthe-Night

I don't know anymore what to do.

To put it short I got really sick and needed urgent surgery the bill came in and now I'm diagnosed with cancer... I need to be operated again but I don't have money is there anyone who can miss a few euro's? Please donate here T_T


If you want to read the full story it's on my deviantArt page. I also am trying to sell prints of my artwork... Please if anyone can help even with spreading around T_T

You can ask my friends I'm not making this up t---t
Thank you for reading much love


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2011-05-10 15:07:54

If only the current exchange didnt meant that I'd have to give 2wice as much :/

U do have my condolences though as it is all that I have...
Wish you the best of luck

Goddess-ofthe-Night responds:

Thank you so much dear, any suport means a lot to me T_T <3



2011-05-10 17:58:34

if i we weren't that short on funds too, i'd be more than happy to donate to another mate.
though, all i can offer is my condolences. i really wish you luck


2011-05-10 20:23:01

Cancer? That's terrible. I hope the best for you :(


2011-06-14 16:16:05

I really hate to be so cold, but if you have cancer, you should take a look at what's going on with cancer cures in the US, and most likely in other countries as well:
http://articles.mercola.com/sites/art icles/archive/2011/06/11/burzynski-th e-movie.aspx
Traditional treatments will almost certainly not help.

Good luck!
~ Kwing